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  • Music Production

  • Musical Arrangements

  • Studio Overdubs

  • Full Band Recording

  • Band Filming

  • Video Editing

  • Guitar Lessons

  • Podcasts

  • Pro Tools

  • Warm Audio Tonebeast

  • Empirical Labs Distressor

  • Focusrite Liquid 56

  • Focusrite Octopre

  • Teac Model 3 Console

  • Teac A-2340sx Reel-to-Reel

  • Charter Oak s-600

  • AKG 214

  • SM7b

  • Cascade Fatheads

  • Yamaha HS8

  • Universal Audio OX


  • (2020) Soul Collective- "Reckless Love"- Co-Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar

  • (2019) David DeMarco- "Joy To The World" Single- Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Electric Guitar

  • (2019) Jean Sandoval/Sandoval Band- "Run Away (Leave All The Hate Behind)" featuring George Baker- Single- Producer, Engineer, Electric Guitar, Dobro, Synth Bass​

  • (2019) Jean Sandoval/Sandoval Band- "Cmon" Single- Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Piano, Organ​

  • (2019) Emmanuel Rivera- The Project, Pt1 / Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Electric Guitar

  • (2018) George Colon-My Kind of Christmas / Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Acoustic Guitars​

  • (2018) Sound of All: music by jean sandoval, Episode One- Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Banjo, Dobro, Synths ​

  • (2018) You Gotta Let Go (Move On)- single- Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Banjo, Dobro​

  • (2017) New Life Church CT Music-Living Room Worship Sessions EP / Volume One- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic Guitars

  • (2016) New Life Church CT Music-Songs of Hope: A Christmas Collection-Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Synths, Dulcimer, Banjo

  • (2016) Eclectic Cafe-In The Muse- Guitars on "Brazilian Bounce" and "Love Muffin"​

  • (2016) Maya Azucena- "Unleash Me"- Electric Guitars​

  • 2016) Maya Azucena- "My Favorite Song"- Electric Guitars​

  • (2015) Nelson Garcia- "Love for Her" (single)- Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitars

  • (2015) Freddy Rodriguez- Amazed- Electric Guitars

  • on "Amazed" & "Your Grace"

  • (2015) Jean & Amy- "I Give You My Heart" Single- Producer, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Banjo, Synths

  • (2015) Jessica Reese- "No Greater Love" Single- Producer, Arranger, Acoustic/Electric Guitars

  • (2014) New Life Church CT Music- "Glory To God", "No Turning Back", "You Are God Everywhere", "This Is Our God"- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Synths

  • (2014) MpM- "Small Wonder" Single- Electric Guitar

  • (2014) Jessica Reese- "Let Me Sign", "This Is Our God" Singles- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter,

  • Acoustic/Electric Guitars

  • (2014) Sonix The Mad Scientist- "Next Level" single- featuring DMC (Run DMC) & Sugar Blue- Electric Guitar

  • (2014) Emmanuel  Rivera- "One Thing Remains Featuring Nic Gonzales", "Amazing Grace", "Via Dolorosa"- Singles -Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2014) Nelson Garcia- Time To Worship- Electric Guitars

  • (2014) Conexzion Directa- Soy Redimido- Acoustic Guitars

  • (2013) Sandoval Band- Vol 3: No Limits- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2013) Rachel Washington- Warrior Princess- Electric Guitars

  • (2013) George Colon- Declaraciones- Vol 1- Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2012) Heather DePaolo- Sing of Your Love- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2012) Rachel Washington & One Body-Unstoppable- Co-Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitars

  • (2012) E Flat- Jesus Viene Otra Vez- Electric Guitar

  • (2011) CCRN- Mi Ofrenda- Una Noche de Adoracion- Electric Guitars, Arranger

  • (2011) Raul Feliciano, Eres Tu (Pop/Rock)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2010) The Operator, The Mute Transaction (Electronic)- Electric Guitar on "Jovi"

  • (2010) Boogie Chillun, Read Baby Read (Blues)- Electric Guitars

  • (2009) Sandoval Band, Vol 2:Breakthrough (Funk/Rock/Latin)- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2009) RuthAnn Ridley, In The Waiting (Soul/Pop)- Producer, Arranger, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

  • (2008) Josue Avila, Quiero Estar Contigo (Pop)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Arranger

  • (2008) Sandoval Band, Vol 1- (Funk/Latin/Rock) Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter

  • (2008) Raza 4 Christ, Desde Mi Tierra- (Pop)- Electric Guitars

  • (2006) Mike Smith Band, Take My Hand- (Rock/Pop)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Arranger

  • (2006) Dayna Varga, Opening Doors- (Pop/Rock)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Arranger

  • (2005) Mike Smith Band, The Flame (Rock/Pop)- Electric Guitars

  • (2005) Traci Root, Greener On This Side (Pop/R&B)- Electric Guitars

  • (2004) The Evolved-(Funk/R&B) Electric Guitars

  • (2002) Garrison Project- (Pop/Rock)Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Songwriter, Arranger

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