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whether you’re looking to make a fully produced, mixed and mastered single or album,
a professionally produced audio or video podcast or a live music video, we’ve got you covered.

Since all projects are unique, contact us, and we’ll create a project rate just for you.


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artists & projects we've had the blessing to work with!



(2023) Jean Sandoval- "Sound Of All, Episode Two"- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Synths, Programming, Electric/Acoustic Guitars


(2023) The One Takers- "That Ain't Love" (single)- Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar


(2023) The One Takers- "Sleeper (wake up)" (single)- Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar

(2022) Sonix- "No Ordinary Love" (single)- Electric Guitar

(2022) David DeMarco- "Hidden Remedy" (single)- Producer, Arranger, Guitars

(2022) Jean Sandoval- "Neo-Psalms"- Producer, Arranger, Guitars

(2021) Verve Jazz Ensemble- Recording Engineer

(2021) David DeMarco- "Resurgence" (single)- Producer, Arranger, Guitars

(2020) Soul Collective- "Reckless Love"- Co-Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar


(2019) David DeMarco- "Joy To The World" Single- Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Electric Guitar


(2019) Jean Sandoval/Sandoval Band- "Run Away (Leave All The Hate Behind)" featuring George Baker- Single- Producer, Engineer, Electric Guitar, Dobro, Synth Bass

(2019) Jean Sandoval/Sandoval Band- "Cmon" Single- Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Piano, Organ

(2019) Emmanuel Rivera- The Project, Pt1 / Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Electric Guitar


(2018) George Colon-My Kind of Christmas / Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Acoustic Guitars

(2018) Sound of All: music by jean sandoval, Episode One- Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Banjo, Dobro, Synths 

(2018) You Gotta Let Go (Move On)- single- Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Banjo, Dobro

(2017) New Life Church CT Music-Living Room Worship Sessions EP / Volume One- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic Guitars


(2016) New Life Church CT Music-Songs of Hope: A Christmas Collection-Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Synths, Dulcimer, Banjo


(2016) Eclectic Cafe-In The Muse- Guitars on "Brazilian Bounce" and "Love Muffin"

(2016) Maya Azucena- "Unleash Me"- Electric Guitars

2016) Maya Azucena- "My Favorite Song"- Electric Guitars

(2015) Nelson Garcia- "Love for Her" (single)- Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitars


(2015) Freddy Rodriguez- Amazed- Electric Guitars

on "Amazed" & "Your Grace"


(2015) Jean & Amy- "I Give You My Heart" Single- Producer, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Banjo, Synths


(2015) Jessica Reese- "No Greater Love" Single- Producer, Arranger, Acoustic/Electric Guitars


(2014) New Life Church CT Music- "Glory To God", "No Turning Back", "You Are God Everywhere", "This Is Our God"- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Synths


(2014) MpM- "Small Wonder" Single- Electric Guitar


(2014) Jessica Reese- "Let Me Sign", "This Is Our God" Singles- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter,

Acoustic/Electric Guitars


(2014) Sonix The Mad Scientist- "Next Level" single- featuring DMC (Run DMC) & Sugar Blue- Electric Guitar


(2014) Emmanuel  Rivera- "One Thing Remains Featuring Nic Gonzales", "Amazing Grace", "Via Dolorosa"- Singles -Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars


(2014) Nelson Garcia- Time To Worship- Electric Guitars


(2014) Conexzion Directa- Soy Redimido- Acoustic Guitars


(2013) Sandoval Band- Vol 3: No Limits- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

(2013) Rachel Washington- Warrior Princess- Electric Guitars

(2013) George Colon- Declaraciones- Vol 1- Electric/Acoustic Guitars

(2012) Heather DePaolo- Sing of Your Love- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

(2012) Rachel Washington & One Body-Unstoppable- Co-Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitars

(2012) E Flat- Jesus Viene Otra Vez- Electric Guitar

(2011) CCRN- Mi Ofrenda- Una Noche de Adoracion- Electric Guitars, Arranger

(2011) Raul Feliciano, Eres Tu (Pop/Rock)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars

(2010) The Operator, The Mute Transaction (Electronic)- Electric Guitar on "Jovi"

(2010) Boogie Chillun, Read Baby Read (Blues)- Electric Guitars

(2009) Sandoval Band, Vol 2:Breakthrough (Funk/Rock/Latin)- Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

(2009) RuthAnn Ridley, In The Waiting (Soul/Pop)- Producer, Arranger, Electric/Acoustic Guitars

(2008) Josue Avila, Quiero Estar Contigo (Pop)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Arranger

(2008) Sandoval Band, Vol 1- (Funk/Latin/Rock) Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter

(2008) Raza 4 Christ, Desde Mi Tierra- (Pop)- Electric Guitars

(2006) Mike Smith Band, Take My Hand- (Rock/Pop)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Arranger

(2006) Dayna Varga, Opening Doors- (Pop/Rock)- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Arranger

(2005) Mike Smith Band, The Flame (Rock/Pop)- Electric Guitars

(2005) Traci Root, Greener On This Side (Pop/R&B)- Electric Guitars

(2004) The Evolved-(Funk/R&B) Electric Guitars

(2002) Garrison Project- (Pop/Rock)Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Songwriter, Arranger


Jaci Velasquez


Freddy Rodriguez

Juan Carlos Alvarado

Promise Keepers (Men's Conference)

Sandoval Band

Paul Baloche

David DeMarco

Jaime Jamgochian

Jason Crabb


Rita Springer

Catherine Mullins

Latice Crawford

Rico Lewis/Garret Shider (George Clinton & PFunk)

Rick Reyes & Cosmic Jibaros

Carlos Luciano

Maya Azucena

James Chappell (NBC's "The Winner Is")

Band Together (CT Latin All-Stars)

Boogie Chillin

George Colon

Traci Snowe

CTunow Band

Stephen Wilson & DWB

The Jean Sandoval 4tet

Mike Smith Band

Ryan & Amy Masse

Dayna Varga

Henry Garcia

RuthAnn Ridley

Heather DePaolo

Josh Young

John Ciambriello

The Garrison Project

Emmanuel Rivera

Jessica Reese

The One Takers

Jeanine Renee

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